Jan. 07, 2021- Bitech.pro cryptocurrency market outlook.

3 min readJan 7, 2021


Hello everyone, I hope you are having great holidays! Today we have a look at the cryptocurrency markets. They are so hot!

Let’s start with Bitcoin today. We had no choice, but re-buy in full our crypto portfolio after such a 12h close. Bitech’s markets are quite liquid, why not? It’s a bull market after all.

Moreover, last day we were relentlessly buying binary calls at Bitech’s OptiPro module. Gosh, how great this instrument is.

Let’s move over $ETH right now. We’ve been observing the triangle. The triangle broke up. What a surprise!

We took a long on the retest of the triangle with R/R above 3. Break out with the significant volume + Stoch RSI cross. Trade from textbook; what a pretty one! We closed $ETH longs at weekly resistance at $1224. No reason to be greedy at the resistance. More than 11% over 19 hours + binary calls after break out. Lovely market it is!

Only ATH ahead. Stoch RSI maxed out on the weekly. Weekly RSI is approaching ATH as well. It’s not a short opportunity just yet. But we gotta be careful here.

$ETH on 4h just had a bearish Stoch RSI cross. Moreover, RSI bear divergence keeps building up. We probably will see at least a pullback very soon.

Crypto markets bullish still. We re-bought our $BTC and $ETH last day. Had a great long trade with $ETH triangle+ $ETH binary options bets. Right now Ethereum is building up a short opportunity below weekly level.

Conclusion: We will remain bullish until overwise is proven. If $ETH will show any weakness we will decrease our crypto exposure and will take $ETH short; $ETH short set up is much clearer compared to $BTC. Also, we keep buying binary options intraday at Bitech’s OptiPro module if opportunity presents itself. Most likely we will be buying calls until bear signs prevail.

If you haven’t taken a look at the OptiPro module at Bitech.pro for binary options yet. Don’t hesitate and sign up.

Stay tuned.





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