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We discover new trading platforms almost every month in this vibrant and disruptive industry. While trading may be a harder job to undertake, some find choosing the right crypto exchange equally demanding.

To help you in this journey we have created a vs Bilaxy review that compares two unique crypto trading platforms. In this article, you will find out the pros and cons of both entities and their products & services. represents a one of a kind hybrid exchange that combines traditional spot trading and crypto binary options. Based in the United Kingdom, is the daughter company of the reputable Essex Development company which has worked across numerous industries since 2013. According to the trading platform, it is valued at $88 million and it processes an average daily trading volume of up to $72 million.

With a focus on security and ease-of-use, enables cryptocurrency enthusiasts of all levels and backgrounds to trade via an intuitive and simple platform. Due to its brilliant design, new users can learn how to operate on in the span of only a few minutes.

Understanding the importance of storing their client’s assets safely, the company worked hard on developing a platform that is impenetrable for hackers — supported with the help of a multi-modularity feature which makes it hacker-proof. With the recent influx of hacking events targeting projects affiliated with cryptocurrencies, safety is nowadays considered to be a hallmark of a great platform.

At the time of writing, offers four primary digital assets which constitute Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple (XRP). While their product offering may be small at the time, the trending platform plans to expand its crypto and crypto binary options in time. is supported by a team of 30 professional and seasoned experts and analysts who make low-cost and global trading a possibility for all users.

For those who are interested in joining a crypto exchange that offers both normal spot trading and the newest kind of innovative crypto binary options, is the perfect option. With security, professionalism, low-fees, and users in the center of their attention, what is there not to like?


Headquartered in Seychelles, Bilaxy is a cryptocurrency exchange that originally launched in April 2018. With more than 186 trading pairs offered, the platform supports a remarkable number of digital assets — having a primary focus on altcoins. However, Bilaxy does not support fiat currencies nor trading pairs denominated with fiat currencies.

Despite being a centralized exchange, Bilaxy is unique for enabling users to list new cryptocurrencies on their own. We do note that all listings are still processed and authorized by the exchange itself and that listing takes time.

Bilaxy imposes trading and commission fees which are at a level of the average cryptocurrency platform. Furthermore, we note that the entity processes daily trading volumes that average between $3 million and $4.3 million.

But despite their prominent list of products & services, Bilaxy is known for having a controversial reputation. While a part of the community reports having faced no issues when operating with them, there is still a high number of accounts and events which describe Bilaxy to have failed to properly conduct business.

For example, some report that the exchange refused to process withdrawals and that it blocked accounts or failed to respond to user inquiries.

Another set of causes for concern is the team’s relative anonymity. We also note that Bilaxy’s trading interface has a striking resemblance to Binance’s interface. For that reason alone, one should carefully consider Bilaxy as an option for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. While their list of features and assets might be attractive, controversial reports leave little room for trust.

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-- is a first of its kind cryptocurrency exchange that combines spot trading and crypto binary options. UK-based cryptocurrency exchange.